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A Hotel with a wonderful evocation of the marine past of the Havana City

Rooms in Hotel Armadores de Santander

The Hotel Armadores de Santander has 39 rooms, from a lot of them the fresh breeze of the sea is breathed, also, from its balconies you can visualize the ships that comes and leave to and from the bay. The hotel has 34 standard rooms, 3 duplex, 1 junior suite and 1 contemporary meticulous suite. Of the 34 rooms standard, 15 are double that they can be adapted to triple each one for their dimensions. Between all this rooms, 10 have matrimonial beds and 20 with double bed.

All rooms has abundant valuable wood, colonial floor tile, and very attractive furnished, including modern bathrooms. A room is enabled for people handicapped.

The Suite Room

The suite is distinguished for its originality and daring design interior. The bathroom got a glass opening with ogival form, from where one has a panoramic view of the whole room and especially of the jacuzzi, located in the center of the room and separated from the matrimonial bed for the transparency of a Rosa Maria de La Terga's vitral MarĂ­a.

hotel armadores de santander .info - The Suite Room

The Suite Room

hotel armadores de santander .info - Jacuzzi


Both are settle in a wooden area that facilitates a complete visualization of the sea through their three balconies that appear to the bay.

The Junior Suite

The Junior Suite of the hotel Armadores de Santander gives a welcoming to the guest with a wonderful designed hall, high roofs and great views of the bay.

hotel armadores de santander .info - Junior Suite Hall


hotel armadores de santander .info - Junior Suite Stairs


The walls are decorated with sepia pictures of the marine past of Havana and the bathroom has Jacuzzi.

The Standard Room

The 34 rooms standard in Armadores de Santander tend to be small in area but the immense height of their roofs offers a sensation of comfort. Many of them have charming balconies of marble that appear to the bay and the floors keeps the original tile.

hotel armadores de santander .info - Standard Room

Standard Room

The bathrooms are big with the flooring in white and blue and a wonderful washbasin to the style of the years 30. Some of the rooms have 2 levels with a small hall in the first one and the bedroom up, near the original beams of the high roofs. 10 rooms has matrimonial beds and the rest 20 rooms with 2 personal beds.

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